• Susie Earnshaw-Nees

You said yes! Part One.

He asked and you said YES

Yes, it happened . That moment you have been dreaming about since you were a little girl. He picked the perfect place, and the perfect time and got down on one knee and asked you to be his wife. After a quick squeal and a pinch of your skin to make sure you were not dreaming, you said "Yes."

Woah! what now? What do we do now?

When you have just become engaged it can be a really scary time. It can be exciting of course but it is a little terrifying the prospect of how you are going to manage this whole process? Where are you going to get married? When are you going to get married? Who will be there? What do you want your wedding to feel like? What kind of experience do you want to create for you and your guests? Can you afford it? This barage of questions can leave a couple feeling very overwhelmed.

There are so many questions that run through your head after the initial excitement. Weddings can be daunting , but they don't have to be. As a Wedding planner I do think it is a really good idea to talk to an expert. You may not want to enlist all their services but their advice can be very helpful. They also have connections with Vendors that may be really useful. I have a few helpful hints of where to start.

  • It may sound boring but set a budget - a realistic budget that you can work within. This might change as you proceed with your planning, but it is a good start to any venture and this one particularly.

  • Pick two or three dates that could be an option for you. Things that you may want to consider are saving for the actual event. Also travel of overseas guests, giving them plenty of time to consider if they can come.

  • Start your wedding guest list. This is a whole process within itself but it can be daunting. How many people you can afford to invite really does depend on your budget. If you have a big list consider , afternoon tea or brunch to keep the prices down.Couples are even choosing breakfast options now which is a great option for the limited budget. Canapés are a great way to manage a large number of guests and also give you the opportunity to mingle with your guests more freely. Once you have decided on your guest list don't be afraid to revisit it. A Wishlist is a great idea and this can be culled to make things more realistic.

  • Decide on your wedding style. You want to have a celebration that reflects the people you both are as a couple. You may decide on an outdoor wedding with a rainy day back up plan or just big clear umbrellas!. Tent marque weddings are very in vogue at the moment. Anything is possible. A destination wedding is always a nice idea but can sometimes be seen as a bill for the guests. Whatever you decide it is your day. Talking to those who are used to styling events is a very good idea. You may just need to bounce off ideas with a planner and stylist to help you on your way. Wildflower provides this service getting you started on your way. Wildflower has a service that is so helpful called Push Play Planning , or Start Up Styling. Both these services can give a couple a little nudge towards realising their dream wedding. Pinterest and Instagram and social media can get very confusing so having someone who has a portfolio of ideas at the ready and can design something truly unique is perfect. However, this also is about your budget and what you can afford. Be up front and clear with your budget when you first speak to your planner. They are used to working within one and can tell you if your ideas are realistic.

  • Decide on your wedding venue. Where do you want to say I do and how do you want to celebrate? There are so many options when it comes to venues. It is great to pick somewhere that reflects you once again and reflects your style. Choose somewhere that has options for formal or more casual packages. Will you get married locally or will guests travel? If they do travel how will guest get there? Look at the facilities that are offered. It is a very romantic idea to want to get married in the middle of a gorgeous field that you both adore but remember the logistics. Is there electricity or power close, will there be toilets? Again all these can be managed by a professional if the work just gets too hard. Let us at Wildflower do the research for you.

Here are just 5 starting points for you as a new bride and groom to be. Food for thought. More to come soon. There is no need to get bogged down in the process - Enjoy!

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