• Susie Earnshaw-Nees

When life gives you lemons..

I remember being a little girl sitting on my Nana's knee and telling her about my woos. Things just weren't right on my small world. Life was unfair and didn't make sense. My sweet Nana turned to me and said,

" Make Lemonade. " At the time I didn't have a clue what she meant, I was 5.

Life has taken many a twist and turn in the past few months, turns that created or limited our lives and experiences. Some of us have had our worlds turned upside down and every time we switch on the News we are faced with something else.

2020 started with promise but has been plagued by calamity. Bush fires, Floods and now a hidden vice that we have had no experience with - A Global Pandemic.

COVID19 - started as an unknown virus and has now affected the economic structure of our society and has brought us to our knees in our industry. The wonderful world of weddings, events , floristry, styling and celebrating has been halted and we are on PAUSE .

Life has changed. In that change we have choices, we can choose to :

  • Sit and wait it out, life will get better it will change - will it?

  • Get angry - shout , scream , or protest.

  • Cry, sob, get anxious, withdraw.

  • Get active and make the opportunities we have before us happen , just differently - Life just gave us lemons , let's make Lemonade.

Life as we knew it has changed, our industry has changed. Weddings and how we plan for them to keep our guests safe have changed. As we evolve in understanding the new normal life will start to make more sense.

In March this year when life changed for us drastically and as a country we headed towards stage 3 lockdown I remember being frightened. I was at a wedding which we were styling and I came went to get toilet paper and other groceries from the shops, the store was empty. Somehow I missed the memo, one day. What I knew as normal, going to the flower markets, visiting clients, creating fabulous events and being part of your story changed. I was like someone came and tore a little piece of my heart out. My life changed. I had to adapt to a new normal , I had to create different routines, I had to surround myself with people ( whether it be through zoom , text or phone ) , who would once again listen to my woos . I had to find my life's recipe for Lemonade.

Planning your wedding in these uncertain times is daunting. There is an element of surprise and not in a good way looming. No one knows what could be a round the corner as we negotiate what living in a world with CONVID19 looks like. One thing that is certain is life goes on, there are reasons to celebrate, babies are born, birthdays are celebrated, as are lives at the passing of a loved on and you will get married.

Your wedding will be different. It may mean less people . Or it may mean more celebrations, just a lot of small ones. I think that's doable. In NSW we are fortunate that we can still have celebrations, but we need to be safe. The restrictions we have had placed on us are there for a reason. No one, least of all me likes to be told anything, dictated anything. We need to be open and willing to see the big picture.

One aspect that the affects of the pandemic has had on couples is the ability to TRUST. It's a huge factor.

I am a massive believer in building trust. It's the essence of what I do as I am trusted with your visual story telling or coordination of your wedding. You may feel that it is impossible to trust a vendor as - now you are uncertain as whether or not your deposit for your wedding may be lost. This has been a huge issue, both for couples and for vendors. This is where trust comes in. Trust in our mutual agreements. Talk to your vendors today if you are uncertain. Our doors and ears are open to chat through your concerns. We all have the same agenda here - to follow through with the body of work you asked us to do . We don't want to take your money and run. Trust and communication is a mutual thing. We trust that you will honour your side of our arrangement also, I know negotiating a new wedding date is hard, trying to get all your vendors to agree to a new date is hard and there may be new costs that arise through that. TRUST us that we want you to get married with all the trimmings that you can have, we have your best interest at heart. We also have other couples to consider and will try and accomodate where we can .

I have my lemons and my recipe book ready. Let's make some amazing Lemonade !

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