• Susie Earnshaw-Nees

The Times they are a changing - a response to COVID19

“I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.” -Jimmy Dean .

Over the last week and month preceding we have definitely seen some changes. For some of us our lives and our livelihoods have been spun on their heads. We are having to carefully consider our futures.

An outside influence that has become world wide has entered all of our homes and daily lives, with it comes a tremendous amount of uncertainly.

If you have planned a wedding , and know I realise how much that means and what thought goes into it, the facts are :

You are getting married. You will still be getting married in 6 months. You just cannot get married in the way you thought within the next 6 months. Being told you CANNOT is like red rag to the raging bull. Are you serious? Surely not? Where is the loophole so I can have my perfect day? But what about my income, how will I manage all theses changes? What about my staff and how will I live day to day? Will clients totally cancel on me and will they be expecting their deposits back? How can I accomodate them without disrupting everything?

Uncertain times call for uncertain measures. We are seeing an unprecedented world unfold before our eyes.

All we need is LOVE and hand washing.

We need to consider our own health and therefore the health of others. It is first and foremost. COVID19 is not going anywhere and the affects it will have on the Wedding industry and those getting married is a given. Life as we know it for now has changed. Will we change with it or will we hide under a rock and pretend it is not happening? I take the former. I choose to change.

Our team are committed work within the current guidelines, giving our beautiful couples the best possible experience they can have for their wedding day or event. Our silver lining is that you will get married and you will have a wonderful life together the wedding is only the beginning of your story. People will still celebrate those amazing life time occasions. Life is different for now but not for ever. But , please don't ask us to break the rules. They are there and put in place for everyone.

As for me I personally am a glass half full kind of girl and a firm believer in hope. I love my industry and love planning your special life events. That won't change. They way we celebrate might just become different as we adapt to our changing world.

Over the next little while I will be doing a series of blogs to show some of my idols in the industry and those I love to work with. I hope to connect with my industry colleagues and with those followers as we have more time for virtual creativity. We will be also revisiting your stories which we can't wait for the re-runs.

It's time now to get around to that "Round Toit "- the one that keeps getting away. We will still be styling planning amazing events and stories and we can't wait.

Please contact us for yours. Our suggestion would be to book from December 2020 onwards. We are already very full for the coming Spring/ Summer period.

Susie x

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