• Susie Earnshaw-Nees

Star Wars , Theatre and Love

Having the privilege to be involved with any wedding is wonderful. When it's your Godson's there is so much joy attached. I was thrilled to be asked to do the flowers for my Godson Tom and his beautiful Bride, Rebecca. It was such a joyous family wedding with so much laughter and tears.

Tom and Rebecca brought so much of their personality into their wedding day. During their ceremony they treated us by both singing a number from their musical theatre days, their inclusion of their guests was so unique with having us all join in a favourite chorus with arms swinging in time. It was amazing. The Ceremony was officiated by Tom's Father Gary and the Star Wars theme triumphantly played as the Bride and groom exited.

I cannot express enough how much joy comes when everything works. It was a hot day in Sunny Riverhead, Auckland but we all survived and so did the flowers. Guests streamed in and out of the venue with an excellent idea of cutting the cake straight after the ceremony. This allowed extra guests who had witnessed the wedding to be involved in an afternoon tea. There was a formal sit down reception for close family and friends, but other guests were encouraged to return for a dance. It meant everyone was involved and extended the numbers without blowing the budget. I will always encourage couples to make the event a day you will cherish forever, its the one day it can be all about you - and your loved ones.

It's all about the MAGIC.

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