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How to pick your Wedding Stylist and Florist.

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

What is your least favourite aisle in the super market? Some might say the bread aisle because there are just so many choices. The same goes for picking your florist or stylist for your wedding. Who do you go with? There are so many choices out there and with the social media age and Pinterest we see so many options. My suggestion would be go with your gut. Choose the one you like!

There are many options to consider.

Florals for Jemma captured by The Paper Fox

  • Price/budget - A hard one to talk about but important to consider.

  • Style - picking a stylist that listens and can create your unique style.

  • Location - Where is your stylist located and will travel expenses blow out.

  • Are you the right "fit" ?

Where to begin?

I always suggest to my couples to write your Wishlist. What is it that is important for you and your guests on your day? What style reflects you and who is going to pull it off. In the day and age of DIY

( which I love ) it can be quite a performance pulling all your vendors together- a good stylist will do this for you and couple with On the day coordination, it can make it all flow beautifully.

A good florist/ stylist will look at your Wishlist and marry it with your budget to make sure it all works. They will be aware of the spaces they are working with and the mechanics of how it can all come together.

The process of picking the right one can be daunting. There are so many out there . Pick someone who you see has a good eye for detail. Who seeks to have a face to face conversation with you. This may not seem necessary but a personal consult really does help with understanding how your wedding is going to look and feel. The stylist gets a glimpse into our worlds and can see how you are wired. You can also see if they are reflexible and if you can work together.

Magic for Jessica and Brad - Nicole Butler Photography

One of my favourite examples of this was meeting my now newly married beautiful bride Jessica. We met and just clicked. Through late night conversations over text and sending images we created an amazing visual story. The process changed and evolved and it was truly magic. This is probably my ideal client.

It doesn't always work that way. We all have busy lives and those emails and text messages can come annoying. I totally understand that. That's why it is so important to pick a Stylist you trust.

As a stylist and a florist I need to share with you how many hours go into your event. It is not just picking florals at the markets for us. We think about it constantly and leading up to your wedding day , your wedding becomes an obsession. But ...guess what? It is also our joy. Seeing it all come together into that visual symphony is wonderful.

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